Virgo 2019 tarot cards

Tarot decks vary, widely, and it's our goal to bring you the best in modern and classic interpretations of the tarot major arcana. Whether you are just beginning to experiment or a veteran of tarot, meaning can be found in the most unexpected places. And, if you want to go deeper, check out an in-depth tarot reading from one of our experts. Stellar guidance. Ask the genie. Please take care, have a balanced meal and spend time outdoors either by exercising or playing a sport. Tarot Guidance The universe sends a very strong message that you need to take time out to rest and recharge your energy.


You are experiencing exhaustion and burn-out, and your energy and vitality seem to be low. If you do not pause and take rest now, you may crash and burn-out completely. You and your partner work well as a team. It could also be that you are heading towards a commitment. Those who are single might find someone special, Someone, who makes you feel the way you have not been experienced in your prior love relations. This love will be a heavenly relationship that gives you the space to expand, express and live deeply in your authenticity.

Those in a relationship will enjoy domestic bliss. The cards advise being a little smart in the career. Maybe you need to outfox your colleagues. So, watch out for a sneaky colleague or someone who seeks to undermine you.

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Health The cards point to strong physical health. You may benefit immensely from a session with a physical trainer or nutritionist as you are open to hearing what they have to say and acting upon it. If you have new-found health goals, be sure not to push yourself too hard. Slow and steady is the way to go. Tarot Guidance This year you are focused on self-improvement and personal development.

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You are highly disciplined and focused and by the time this year ends you will become the best version of yourself. There is a chance of a love alliance formed with someone from a distant land. If you are wondering how will you manage, Lady of Tarot assures you that love shall triumph over all odds. You and your beloved will be able to be together. You might even fall for someone very different from you, but when you meet that person, it feels just right. Those in a relationship shall experience domestic bliss and happiness.

The cards indicate that an older man may offer you support or guidance in a career context. You need to use diplomacy and wisdom to resolve any career issues and create a pleasant working environment for yourself. You will be well liked and respected by your colleagues and will grow to a position of authority. Cancerians associated with the field of Teaching, Counseling, or Spiritual Healing will prosper. Health The cards suggest that you are being a hypochondriac. You have a great deal of fear and worry related to your health.

Acknowledge your fears, get a health checkup and surely everything will turn out fine. Strive to create a warm and secure environment for your family and loved ones while giving your love and support freely. It seems that this year you are acting on an impulse without thinking of the consequences of your actions. Your thoughtless attitude and hurtful words will not endear you to your partner. It is time you take responsibility and make your partner feel loved and understood. Some of you might be scraping unhealed wounds from an earlier relationship.

If that is the case, refrain from bringing the pain of a past failed relationship into a new one. The Cards indicate success in career. You shall be able to establish your self in your career. A few Leos might get promoted or get recognition in their field.

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You shall be able to team up with like-minded people who shall help you achieve further success. Health The cards show good health. Some of you might put on a little weight.

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So, it might be time to watch what you eat, hit the gym or start exercising. Tarot Guidance This year you will have to assume responsibility and take charge of your life. You could be assigned a new responsibility professionally or personally.

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In either case, stand tall and accept responsibility without any complaints or manipulations. Also, do not let others interfere in your life. Live life on your own terms. Just make sure that its not a marriage of convenience but based on true love and understanding. Connect with your intuition and ask what you want in a relationship. For those who are in a relationship, the cards indicate that you shall get what you deserve. You will learn the true meaning of wealth this year. So amassing wealth is not an option.

Lady of Tarot suggests that it is best to pass on your wealth to the next generation, so they might gain as much success and happiness as you have. A few Virgos might also inherit money or property. Health The cards predict good health. It is wise to consider alternative ways to treat or deal with health problems. Tarot Guidance The cards show the little spark that starts the fire.

Your destiny cannot tell you where to go, but it can light your way so you can make the correct choices yourself.


It is time to start on your journey that will take you toward success and recognition. Analyze your relationships. This can happen during the Solar Eclipse on January 5 for some, but for most single Virgos it will happen closer to the end of the year at the December 26 Solar Eclipse. Both of these will land in your romance sector, but the first one seems to be more about the building and excavation process while the last one is filled with blessings.

By December 2, Jupiter will move into your romance sector and will align perfectly to that December 26 eclipse. You might truly hit the jackpot in love by December! If you're in a relationship, then you and your mate have a different storyline in It seems as though you're both struggling with a bit of confusion about a domestic situation. One of you is looking at it through rose colored glasses while the other is seeing it for what it really is.